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I remember sitting in the Peace Corps Guyana office flipping through the roster of’s associate group listings for returned volunteers and thinking “where is Guyana on this thing?” A number of volunteers came to ask themselves that very question and we came to the same conclusion. We better start one.

Friends & RPCV’s of Guyana (FROG)

There are a handful of us spread out across two continents working together to frame this organization into something we hope is prosperous and meaningful, not just to us but to the communities we once served and the country we once called home. We’re just about finished with the paperwork, we’re establishing a web presence, notifying returned volunteers of our efforts and beginning to roll. Within the next few months you’ll see more progress, some real changes and hopefully, God willing, we can hit the ground running.

Please stay tuned and if you’d like to join us in our endeavors, please feel free to contact us at membership (at) guyfrog (dot) org

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2 Responses to “Introducing…Friends & RPCV’s of Guyana”

  1. Scott, this is a great idea to have a blog running.

    Friends & RPCV’s of Guyana….UNITE! We finally have a PC group of our own!


  2. I guess this is something we can be proud of. We are definitely a pro-active group even after we have all left Guyana. Nice work guys and let’s keep the ball moving on our ideas. All the best, Mike Guy 13

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