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Update: To check the actual progress of the bill as it makes its way through Congress, check here

On March 1st the Peace Corps Volunteer Empowerment Act (S.732) was introduced into Senate. This legislation contains many of the things that RPCVs and current PCVs in Guyana fought for. I know that in our Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC) meetings many of these issues were brought up, some successfully like participation in site selection and some not so like the extranet. This legislation covers these issues and more, giving power to the Director “establish a system for promoting, by electronic means, improved communication among Peace Corps volunteers and staff, including the establishment of websites and e-mail links…� (Sec. 105)

In some ways many of the sections of this legislation look like they came right out of our VAC minutes. This has the power to make a huge difference in the way Peace Corps Volunteers operate and improve the quality of the program to a huge extent. I strongly encourage everyone to read it (it’s very short) and contact your Senators and Congressmen to ensure that it passes. You can also go to the NPCA link below to fill out their survey, the results of which will also be shared with members of Congress.

Peace Corps Volunteer Empowerment Act (S.732)

NPCA Survey

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