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Margaret PratleyAfter leaving Peace Corps I thought that maybe I’d like to serve again, when I retire or when I’m at a transition point in my life that would allow for it.  It never occurred to me to serve more than twice though I was pleasantly surprised to read about Margaret Pratley doing just that.  Ms. Pratley, at 81, finished her third tour this past April, after teach two years of English in Thailand.

At the age of 60, she served her first tour in Lesotho and her second in Sri Lanka.  Ms. Pratley says of her experience, “I walk down Shattuck Avenue and young people don’t even see me.  It’s weird. In our culture, we age and we’re kind of thrown away. You go to a country outside the U.S. and you get kudos for living.”

 So who knows, maybe I’ll serve again at some point down the road, come home and realize, I want to server one more time.  It’s an adventure worth taking more than once.

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