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18962690_ac403cea0a_o.jpgGuyana has offered to “place its entire standing forest under the control of a British-led, international body in return for a bilateral deal with the UK that would secure development aid and the technical assistance needed to make the change to a green economy.

The deal would amount to the largest carbon offset ever offered and would greatly benefit both the UK and Guyana.  The Iwokrama reserve alone holds almost 120 million tons of carbon, which is the equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of the United Kingdom. 

Currently, plans are in the works to build a paved road right through the forest, destroying thousands of acres of pristine rainforest and opening up opportunities for illegal mining and logging.  “Maybe we should just cut down the trees. Then someone would recognise the problem,” said Guyana’s President Jagdeo.

President Jagdeo adds, “This would send a signal that we are prepared to go beyond Kyoto. It could be a symbol of what can be done.”

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