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 Birding Adventures host, James Currie (Photo: Birding Adventures)

Birding Adventures Host, James Currie (Photo: Birding Adventures)

The U.S.-based television shows, Birding Adventures and Reel Adventures, recently aired five episodes that were filmed in Guyana in October, 2008.
Three of the shows were on bird watching, while two were on sport fishing, the Guyana Sustainable Tourism Initiative (GSTI), which facilitated the productions, announced yesterday.
Showing on FoxSports Net and ComCast in the southeastern United States, the premiere of Birding Adventures aired to nearly 50,000 households. With multiple timeslots, both shows have the potential of reaching a combined 11 million households.
The GSTI is collaboration between the Guyana Tourism Authority and the United states Agency for International Development.
“If you’re looking for a country to go and visit and literally be left with your jaw dropped in amazement of what this world looked like hundreds of years ago because they have conserved it and kept it in its natural beauty, look at Guyana,� the host of the sport fishing, Robert Arrington said.
“The people here – their food, their culture, their land – it’s100 percent unbelievable. This is the definition of a real adventure,â€? he added…

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