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As I was searching for some new material to post, I came across some old news that we at FROG never got to post:

PCV Kate Puzey was murdered almost one month ago in the Benin village, Badjoude. She was 24 and an Education Volunteer. This is so very sad. My heart goes out to the volunteers in her group, her family, her friends, and the community she worked with in Benin. I know they must all be still feeling the pain of her death.

Read this sad story.

Crime against PCV’s is an issue in Guyana – sometimes even crimes of a serious nature, but murder…I am so thankful that we never dealt with something as frightening as the death of a fellow PCV.

Take a moment, sometime today, tomorrow, or the next and please say a little prayer for all the 7,500-some PCV’s across the world right now.

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