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UPDATE: The Untitled film now has a name!  The yet-to-be released work is titled, “The Seawall.”

In 2009, the Friends and RPCVs of Guyana had the pleasure of working with Mason Richards of Maurva Productions to assist in fundraising for the production of Malachi’s Wish (tentative title).   The film is currently in post processing, and is scheduled for release in the summer of 2010.  A short synopsis of the project thus far, as well as a few pictures below.

Untitled Guyanese Film

Untitled Guyanese Film is a narrative short written and directed by Mason Richards and was shot entirely on location in Georgetown, Guyana, SOUTH AMERICA.

The cast and crew consisted of local Guyanese non-actors, non-professionals and students in town working alongside a crew from Los Angeles.  This film was made possible by fundraising and donations totaling $20,000 through a non-profit fiscal sponsor affiliate of the Peace Corps: Friends of RPCVs of Guyana (FROG).  A major part of making this film is that the filmmaker would return to his home country, and share what he has learned and make a film “in the community — with the community.â€?  This is the third narrative film to ever be shot in Georgetown, Guyana.

The story centers around, Marjorie, an older Guyanese woman who struggles with loneliness, abandonment and sacrifice as she prepares for her Grandson’s move to America to be with his mother.

All photography was completed on August 31, 2009 in South America.  Editing began October 4, 2009.   Editing has progressed from a 20-minute Rough-Cut with a few variations — to the current almost Fine-Cut running at 12-minutes.  After screening the cuts with faculty and others, the director realizes that the narrative needs to be fine-tuned.  There are a lot of expectations from the donors and people in Guyana, therefore, the director is taking the necessary time to ensure the best possible fine cut of the film.  Picture Lock will be completed by January 29, 2010.

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  1. Megan

    Really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Thanks to the awesome work of FROG for making this possible!! FROG is awesome!

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