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A welcome surprise arrived in our Inbox recently.  Edith Yoo, a Peace Corps volunteer and FROG Funds recipient, was kind enough to scan and email a number of thank-you cards written by her students.   We could say more, but we’d rather let the postcards speak for themselves.  For more information on Edith Yoo’s FROG Funded project in Canal #1, please see the project summary.

Card 1 Card 3 Card 4 Card 5

One Response to “Postcards from Canal #1 Learning Center Students”

  1. Edith

    Thank you for posting these! The kids will be amazed to see their work on the computer for the whole world to see! Card 4 is extra special because we recently lost the little girl who made this card. She recently passed away unexpectedly to the dismay of our school and community. Thank you again!

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