RPCV International Calendar 2014

I invite you to take part in our annual Friends and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Guyana (FROG) calendar sales drive. Since launching in 2007, we are in our sixth year as a non-profit and are very excited for the challenges and triumphs we will face in the upcoming year.

FROG began when several Guyana RPCVs were looking for opportunities to give back to the people and nation that had given so much to us during our 2+ years of Peace Corps service. FROG is designed to facilitate and improve communication and information exchange in support of economic, educational, cultural, and social development in Guyana. This is accomplished through collaboration with current Guyana Peace Corps Volunteers and by partnering with local non-governmental organizations. Fund raising through activities, like this calendar sale, will help our organization continue to help others and all proceeds will directly benefit those in greatest need.

FROG is currently looking to raise funds for development activities in Guyana through the sale of calendars, and we would like to offer one to you! Last year, 2013, again we raised close to $1,500 through our calendar sales. We have been selling calendars since 2008 and have risen close to $5,500 just from selling calendars. It is a great fund raiser! From the money we raised this year we have funded multiple projects, which are highlighted in our newsletter. Funding all of these proposals is only possible with the help of this fund raiser. If you bought a calendar last year THANK-YOU very much! This year we hope to top our calendar sales of 2012.

“The International Calendar,” produced by our fellow RPCVs from Madison, WI, features the richness and diversity of world cultures with its captivating pictures, first-hand stories, indigenous designs, country statistics, holidays, celestial events, regional recipes, book reviews and music and film recommendations.

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