FROG Needs Your Help

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Do you like to… Write or blog about Guyana, Peace Corps and/or related topics? Design websites? Coordinate fundraisers? Learn more about the history of Peace Corps Guyana? Network? Promote 3rd Goal opportunities? Research grants? Learn how Non-Profits work? How can you help? FROG is looking for individuals interested in participating in Board activities and/or volunteering… Read more »

Introducing the New FROG Executive Board

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The final results are in and FROG is happy to announce the new Executive Board: President: Kati Ringer Vice President: Scott Stadum Treasurer: Jody Knueppel Secretary: Aimie (Langenfeld) Mims Along with the Executive Board, there are a number of individuals who hold vital roles that are imperative to the day-to-day functioning of FROG. This includes… Read more »

Mike Geurink, We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

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On behalf of the Friends and RPCVs of Guyana community, we would like to thank Mike Geurink for all that he’s done in the last two years as FROG President. Without his leadership and hard work, FROG wouldn’t be where it is today – a growing organization that consistently gives back to the people of… Read more »

RPCV Highlight – Mark Hejinian, GUY 17

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Name: Mark Hejinian GUY Group: Guy17 Guyana Site: Affiance, Essequibo Coast Type of Volunteer: Health (and whatever else came my way) 1. What have you been up to since you finished Peace Corps? After COSing in April 2008, I started law school at Georgetown University Law Center. I’m about to start my third and final… Read more »

New Board Members Needed – Nominations Now Open!

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It is time to elect new board members of FROG, and we are now accepting nominations for board candidates. Elections will be held in October of 2010. If you, or someone you know is interested in joining the FROG board, we ask that you do the following: Nominees must be (or will become) a member… Read more »

Mark Your Calendars – FROG Film Screening and Fundraiser Event

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On September 17th, 2010, Friends and RPCVs of Guyana will hold a screening of the short narrative film,”The Seawall” by Cal Arts School of Film and Design graduate, Mason Richards. The event will be held at the Goethe-Instutit in Washington, D.C. and will also serve as a fundraising event for our FROG Grants program. Hope… Read more »

Peace Corps Response looking for Volunteers to serve in Guyana

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The Peace Corps Response program (formally known as Crisis Corps) has two open positions for Volunteers in Guyana. ICT Teacher at the Yakusari Primary School –The ICT teacher will work in close collaboration with the school to develop a new computer lab and work with students and the wider community to teach basic computer skills…. Read more »

RPCV Highlight – Kristen Hare, GUY 8

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Name: Kristen Hare GUY Group: 8 Guyana Site: Johanna Cecilia, Essequibo Coast Type of Volunteer: Education 1. What have you been up to since you finished Peace Corps? I’m a journalist, currently writing and producing video stories for the online news site The St. Louis Beacon. I’m also married, the mother of a 3-year-old boy,… Read more »

RPCV Highlight – Hope Wall, GUY 11

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Name: Hope Wall GUY Group: 11 Guyana Site: Wakapoa Type of Volunteer: Health 1. What have you been up to since you finished Peace Corps? Working with Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres – MSF) 2. What do you miss most about Guyana and your Peace Corps experience? Without a doubt my community – I… Read more »

Please support a Guyana RPCVs project

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Joan Eichner (GUY 14), is one of two finalists for a $15,000 grant from the Pittsburgh Foundation / Grable Foundation initiative. Below is more information about her project, but we ask that you help out and vote for her project called DocYOUmenting Hope: The Stories of Young Learners. About DocYOUmenting Hope: The Stories of Young… Read more »