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Check out the FROG Press Kit!

FROG recently decided to put together a press kit for a possible high-level governmental meeting in Guyana that may be happening very shortly.  With little time to prepare, we rushed to gather the needed material for the kit, organized it the best we could and actually lucked out finding a graphic design volunteer to pull […]

A Guyana RPCV featured on

A Guyana RPCV featured on

Eric Hilton, of Guy 12, is featured on an’s podcast this month – In this episode we hear from Eric Hilton about his new nonprofit Technically Learning.  His organization believes “all students should have the opportunity to discover how fun and inspiring the science, technology, engineering and math fields can be.”   Eric talks about […]


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Friends & RPCVs of Guyana on Facebook Causes

Hi everyone! We also want to remind you of our Facebook Causes page, please check it out and join when you get a chance – We use both our Fan Page and Causes page because of the great, but different, tools they both have. Thanks! Scott Friends & RPCVs of Guyana


Collaborative Mapping in Developing Countries

(via For past two years I’ve been a board member of the RPCV group Friends & RPCVs of Guyana (FROG) and as nonprofits go, it takes time to build up membership, fund raise, continue outreach and develop our programs but I’m confident that we’re progressing at a solid pace. There’s plenty of room for […]

We’d like to take a moment and thank a new supporter of FROG!

We’d like to take a moment and thank a new supporter of FROG!

Friends & RPCVs of Guyana would like to take a moment and thank J. Aramathea, art director of Deitrick & Associates and The HALO Foundation, for the volunteer work she’s done with our organization.  During her hours away from her work and volunteering with The HALO Foundation, J. Aramathea has been working on updating the FROG logo so […]


House Appropriations Subcommittee Votes $450 Million for Peace Corps

(via NPCA email) Despite limited funds to work with, the House Appropriations Subcommittee for State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs today took a major step forward to provide the resources for a bigger, better and bolder Peace Corps.  In its “mark up” of programs within the International Affairs budget for Fiscal Year 2010, the subcommittee […]


Peter Moore may be freed in the next 48 hours

(via The father of a British IT consultant who was kidnapped in Baghdad two years ago has learnt his son may be freed within the next 48 hours. Graeme Moore shared his news after a senior member of the Shia militia group that seized his son, Peter, with his four bodyguards in 2007 was […]


The Peace Corps Lottery

(via Amy Potthast writes: “The reason getting an invitation to Peace Corps becomes such a problem now is the way the nomination process works. If you aren’t familiar, it may help to know that after you apply and interview, you can get nominated to join the Peace Corps from your local recruiting office. Then […]


Guyana: A profitable rainforest

(via A MOST unusual document landed on your correspondent’s desk recently: a financial report from a rainforest. Iwokrama, a 370,000-hectare rainforest in central Guyana, announced that it was in profit. It added, more intriguingly, that rainforests had entered the “global economyâ€?. Iwokrama is part of the largest expanse of undisturbed rainforest in the world, […]