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5,000 Guyanese receiving free treatment for HIV and AIDS

5,000 Guyanese receiving free treatment for HIV and AIDS

(via I first met Otisha, a tall Afro-Guyanese transvestite prostitute in 2003 when I reported on HIV and Aids in Guyana and Barbados. Otisha says Aids awareness has increased in Guyana Back then, the Caribbean had the second highest rate of infection in the world. The prevalence among female sex workers in Guyana was […]


Not just International – Child Soldiers, a Guyanese Issue

Evidence has emerged that the gang controlled by Guyana’s most wanted man, Rondell ‘Fine Man’ Rawlins, consists mainly of teenage boys who fled from their homes in the village of Buxton.

Recent evidence has brought out that many of the members of the gang are no more than 17 years old. Dwayne Sancho, who was captured by the security forces on Monday in a trail near Ituni, is only 14 years old, while Otis Fiffee, called ‘Mud Up,’ who was killed during the initial raid two Fridays ago, and Robin Chung, called ‘Chung Boy’ were mere 17 and 16 years old respectively.

Initially, Fiffee’s age was stated as 21 years old; however, when this newspaper visited Buxton yesterday during his funeral, the age on his coffin was stated as 17. His parents had given the earlier age.
There is evidence that Rawlins and other senior members of his gang had initially recruited the teenagers as look-outs while the gang was hiding out in the village of Buxton.

After they were flushed out by the security forces, some of the young men, who were already a part of the gang, went with them.

The parents of these young men, during recent interviews, indicated that their children left their homes despite several pleas for them to refrain from the criminal activities.

Eyewitnesses to the Bartica massacre had indicated that most of the gunmen were ‘young boys’.
But what could have led to these young men throwing their lives away to join a gang, knowing that the consequences invariably lead to certain death?

Many villagers are of the opinion that this is a result of constant Police harassment and profiling of the youths of Buxton. The young men became sympathizers with the gunmen…


Friends fight for “forgotten” hostage and former Guyana volunteer

(via Friends of a motorcycle- loving computer consultant who was kidnapped with his bodyguards as he worked in Iraq’s finance ministry 18 months ago are launching a campaign to increase pressure for the men’s release. They say Peter Moore, 32, who took a lucrative job in Baghdad to pay off his student loan after […]


HIV/AIDS internship in Ghana or Nigeria

There is also a similar internship in Nigeria.   If you know of anyone who would be interested, feel free to pass along the attached Terms of Reference to them.   The contact person is Esmee de Jong:


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Join Friends & RPCVs of Guyana!

Join Friends & RPCVs of Guyana!

During the 17 years Peace Corps has had a post in Guyana, over 470 Volunteers have assisted in the areas of health, education, community development and information technology.  Those 17 years span over four decades and, although many things have changed during that time, the basic mission of Peace Corps and its Volunteers remains the […]


Darien Book Aid Plan

(via   In 1949, a group of concerned women in Darien, Connecticut knew that Americans were throwing away large quantities of books and magazines and that there was a need for all types of reading materials worldwide. These women began collecting used books and magazines to ship overseas in huge cartons, funded largely by […]


Cuban doctors in Guyana

(via Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, of the Guyana Health Ministry, praised the work of the Cuban doctors many of whom are working in areas of difficult access, reported Granma. In the community of Enterprise, Dr. Ramsaran bid farewell to two of the 15 Cuban doctors who started the Integral Health Program in Guyana two years […]

UN Data: Guyana

UN Data: Guyana

The UN has opened up it’s databases of global information for all countries, the site is very comprehensive. Check out Guyana’s info –


Project Trust volunteer dies after fall in Rupununi

(via Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 18-year-old Project Trust volunteer Pamela McCarroll around 2 pm on Sunday at the Tutuwau Falls, South Central Rupununi. According to a police press release, investigations so far revealed that McCarroll, a Scottish national, who was attached to the St Ignatius Secondary School in Lethem, […]