International Development


Clean cooking

Rene Nunez’s Turbo-cooker “has won an environmental prize from the UN, funding from the Fondo Iniciativa para las Americas El Salvador (FIAES) and has received a US patent for his invention.”  This recognition will allow Nunez to proceed with manufacturing the cooker and aid much of the world’s poorest in cooking in less toxic conditions.   According to Nunez, […]

Free Rice

Free Rice

Free Rice donates so many grains of rice per each vocabulary word you match to the correct meaning.  It builds your vocabulary while donating rice to the United Nations food program, making the site a fun time waster while benefitting the hungriest of the world.  Since launching on October 7, Free Rice has donated 2,098,280,280 grains […]


Guyana’s bold move: Offering to place its rainforest into the hands of the international community

Guyana has offered to “place its entire standing forest under the control of a British-led, international body in return for a bilateral deal with the UK that would secure development aid and the technical assistance needed to make the change to a green economy.” The deal would amount to the largest carbon offset ever offered […]


Ramblings on the Road

As we slowed to a crawl from well above 100km/h I looked up from my work to see what had caused this interruption of incessant swerving back and forth. A half a dozen young boys were aggressively urging their 50 or so cattle and sheep across a narrow bridge, as this road was the only […]


Changing the world with TED

Once a year in Monterey, California the TED Conference is held.  The purpose of these conferences (now also semi-annually all over the globe) is to bring together global leaders in science, arts, politics, global issues, architecture, music and other fields and to “exchange ideas of incalculable value.”  Many of the speakers are recorded and their presentations are shown on the TED […]


You should have been at Coachella

I’d be a happy man if FROG had the resources and the time to attend each one of these events. Running down the list, you might ask why our tiny non-profit would want to hit up Bonnaroo or SXSW? Our focus is Guyana and international development, so how do any of these events relate to […]


Micro-lending and Kiva

The theory behind micro-lending is similar to the “teach a man to fish” analogy. Instead of directly handing out aid to developing nations, micro-lending finances sustainable projects through small loans. In theory, these loans will enable entrepreneurs to end their own poverty as well as develop the local economy., a socially progressive start-up, focuses […]