“The Seawall” – A Film Benefit and Cocktail Event

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New York, NY – April 6th 2013 Join us for an elegant evening of Fine Art, Music, Film & Cocktails from NYC to Guyana…Saturday, April 6th 2013 – 6pm – 9pm — Friends & Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Guyana (FROG) a non-profit organization of former Peace Corps volunteers will host a special screening of the award-winning 64th… Read more »

Introducing the New FROG Executive Board

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The final results are in and FROG is happy to announce the new Executive Board: President: Kati Ringer Vice President: Scott Stadum Treasurer: Jody Knueppel Secretary: Aimie (Langenfeld) Mims Along with the Executive Board, there are a number of individuals who hold vital roles that are imperative to the day-to-day functioning of FROG. This includes… Read more »

Mike Geurink, We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

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On behalf of the Friends and RPCVs of Guyana community, we would like to thank Mike Geurink for all that he’s done in the last two years as FROG President. Without his leadership and hard work, FROG wouldn’t be where it is today – a growing organization that consistently gives back to the people of… Read more »

Peace Corps to open program in Colombia

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On May 11, 2010 Peace Corps announced that the Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaime Bermúdez and Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams met to sign an Understanding to establish a Peace Corps program in Colombia. “We are honored that the government of Colombia has invited Peace Corps to establish a program in Colombia,â€? said… Read more »

Georgetown-Lethem Road discussed in NYT article

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The Georgetown-Lethem Road, deemed “one of South America’s most remarkable roads,â€? was featured in Sunday’s New York Times. The article and audio slide show discusses the impact of improving the road and how the country is torn between economic development and preserving the pristine environment. From the article: “The road is a physical manifestation of… Read more »

Guyana rainforest diversity…threatened.

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On a trip to collect information on the giant river otter, an endangered species, a group of researchers ended up in Rewa Head. “In just six weeks the expedition recorded an astounding variety of life: 158 species of birds, 22 species of medium to large mammals, and half of Guyana’s known endangered species.” They also… Read more »