First aid training should not be negelected

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(via Acting Police Commissioner Henry Greene yesterday said the force is ensuring that traffic police, usually the first responders to road accidents, receive first aid training. Smellie winner! After almost two hours of competition in First Aid, `B’ Division (Berbice) walked away with the Smellie Cup yesterday. Photographer Jules Gibson photographed Lance Corporal Fraser,… Read more »

Certain spices found in curries have positive effects on mice with diabetes

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(via “It’s too early to tell whether increasing dietary curcumin [through turmeric] intake in obese people with diabetes will show a similar benefit,” Dr. Tortoriello said. “Although the daily intake of curcumin one might have to consume as a primary diabetes treatment is likely impractical, it is entirely possible that lower dosages of curcumin… Read more »

Peter Moore update

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(via A video has been release asking for an exchange of the five Britons taken hostage back in May with Iraqi prisoners. “The PM has been in close contact with PM Maliki on this case, and discussed it again with him over the ‘phone this morning,” a statement from Brown’s office said. “Both leaders… Read more »

Time’s Top 10 Scientific Discoveries

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Suriname is on the list. (via #4  Among the hundreds of new life forms and animal species discovered this year, scientists have been able to identify 24 new species in a remote part of Suriname’s rainforest.  Among these species include 12 dung beetles, an ant species, six species of fish and five new frogs,… Read more »

Big news day for Guyanese and RPCVs

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Peter Moore, a friend to many Guyanese and RPCVs, was kidnapped in Iraq earlier this week. Peter worked with Guyana Geology and Mines Commission from about GUY 11 to GUY 14. For more information, check out ABC News. Please keep Peter in your thoughts and prayers. The other big item was that a terrorist cell… Read more »