1,000 True Fans Theory

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1,000 True Fans Theory Peer-to-peer networks, bittorrent, email and other forms of file sharing have many asking how an artist can make any money when the content they’ve created can be so easily pirated? The RIAA is trying to address this issue by the suing the bejesus out of college kids and grandparents for using… Read more »

Dance Beyond Limits, Inc.

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  A former PCV of Guyana has started a non-profit called Dance Beyond Limits, Inc.  They’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and teens with life-altering illnesses, persons with developmental disabilities and inner-city youth through Ballroom Dance.  Check out her upcoming event – Dance Beyond Limits, Inc. and Dancing 4 Fun… Read more »

FROGs branded site on Change.org

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A few months ago FROG, along with 49 other organizations, were invited to have their Change.org sites turned into a branded site. http://www.change.org/FROG Some of these other organizations included Amnesty International, Green Peace, CARE, Environmental Defense, The American Lung Association, and The Humane Society of the United States. We jumped on board immediately, providing Change… Read more »

Blurb the movement

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With all the content your forward thinking non-profit is producing and maintaining, it’s odd that you wouldn’t consider self-publishing. The technology has been around for a few years and at this point, it’s almost effortless to publish something really worth reading. From your Twitter micro-content, Facebook social timeline, to your blogs, Flickr photos and God… Read more »