Doctors Without Borders

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An RPCV from Guyana, now working with MSF (Medical Sans Frontiers), sent me this link, describing a typical day on the job. 9:00 AM: Amina, 15 years old, is waiting patiently among hundreds of people. She proceeds for a few meters but she is stopped by one of the guards. She will be able to… Read more »

More Peace Corps volunteers expected for Guyana

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(via The United States Peace Corps said another 33 community health and education volunteers will arrive in the country by May 31. According to a press release, the group, which has 41 volunteers working in eight regions, celebrated 46 years as an institution yesterday. The group works in collaboration with government ministries and non-governmental… Read more »

Introducing…Friends & RPCV’s of Guyana

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I remember sitting in the Peace Corps Guyana office flipping through the roster of’s associate group listings for returned volunteers and thinking “where is Guyana on this thing?” A number of volunteers came to ask themselves that very question and we came to the same conclusion. We better start one. Friends & RPCV’s of… Read more »