Friends & RPCVs of Guyana is a non-profit, service based organization dedicated to supporting Guyana through a network of RPCVs, Guyanese nationals, Guyanese-Americans, and all those interested in the Guyanese Community. FROG Grants will be awarded for activities in the areas of health, education, culture, the environment, and economic development.

Who can apply for a FROG Grant?

FROG provides financial assistance to grassroots projects in Guyana in the form of small grants $500 or less. Grants will be offered to organizations or groups that meet the criteria below:

1. Be an apolitical organization and have no history of political affiliation;
2. Be either a non-governmental organization recognized under Guyana’s Friendly Societies Act (1 Cap 36:04) or a community group, formal or informal;
3. Exist as an organization or group solely in Guyana;
4. Not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability for both its members and the recipients of the organization’s/group’s works;
5. Have a positive record of financial accountability; and
6. Not be involved in any activities deemed illegal by the United States or Guyanese governments.

When is FROG accepting grant applications?

FROG will accept grant applications four times a year according to the schedule below. On the application deadline date, the FROG board will review all grant applications received by that date. Award decisions will be made on the date listed below. Please note: FROG has a yearly grant budget of $4000. Each quarter, we will award $1000 worth of grants.

Quarter 1 – Application Deadline October 1st, Award Decision November 1st
Quarter 2 – Application Deadline January 1st, Award Decision February 1st
Quarter 3 –  Application Deadline of April 1st, Award Decision Deadline May 1st
Quarter 4 – Application Deadline July 1st, Award Decision August 1st

How do interested applicants submit a FROG Grant application?

If you are interested in applying for a FROG Grant, please carefully review our grant policy (LINK) and complete and submit a comprehensive proposal using the FROG Grants Application Form (LINK).


If you have any questions about the FROG Grants program, please email