FROG Needs Your Help


Do you like to…

Write or blog about Guyana, Peace Corps and/or related topics?

Design websites?

Coordinate fundraisers?

Learn more about the history of Peace Corps Guyana?


Promote 3rd Goal opportunities?

Research grants?

Learn how Non-Profits work?

How can you help? FROG is looking for individuals interested in participating in Board activities and/or volunteering time to help the organization grow. Participation can include anything from serving as a Grant Program Assistant for a year to organizing a one-time 3rd Goal event in your community to designing a fundraiser flier. If you are interested in dedicating time to support FROG’s mission or would like more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact today!



  1. Ashmeeda says:

    How do I get started in volunteering in perhaps a blog or other areas needed?

    Thanks, Ashmeeda

  2. sstadum says:

    Would you like to volunteer with FROG? Contact me at and we can talk more about volunteering.

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