Current Board Members

Shane Loorz – President

Shane served in the Peace Corps as a Youth Development and Education Volunteer in Guyana from 2004 to 2006. During his service, he worked with the Bushlot Secondary School in Region 5, West Cost Berbice. There he taught Mathematics, Information Technology and reading comprehension as well as acting as a general guidance counselor. Shane earned his Master of Public Policy degree focusing on International Development and Non-Profit Management. He is currently working for the University of Maryland as the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator for the School of Public Policy where he is in the process of developing a partnership between various academic programs and ActionAid so students can have hands-on experiences of social change at the global level.

Lorine G

Lorine Ghabranious – Vice-President

Lorine Ghabranious served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Charity from 2008-10. While in Charity she was a community health education volunteer working with both Charity Primary School and local NGO, Hope for All’s, “Peer Education” program. Lorine returned to Guyana in 2011-12 as Field Director of WorldTeach. Previous to Peace Corps, Lorine studied at King’s College London where she received a MA in Human Values and Contemporary Global Ethics. She is currently working as an International Development Consultant looking at strengthening education systems in developing countries.

Lauren Strebel

Lauren Strebel – Secretary

Lauren served in the Peace Corps as a Community Education Volun-teer in Guyana from 2012-2014. During her service, she worked at Aurora Primary School on the Essequibo Coast. There she taught Literacy, Reading, Health, and Spanish. She also worked with her school to build a computer lab and taught computer skills to the teachers and students. Lauren was also part of the HIV/AIDS Task-force that provided technical support to other PCVs engaged in HIV/AIDS related activities. The Taskforce also focused on raising awareness to HIV/AIDS related issues throughout the country.

Brendan Sullivan-Sarinara

Brendan Sullivan-Sarinana – Treasurer

Brendan Sullivan Sarinana is from New York State and a graduate of Binghamton University. He first started supporting GUYFROG while working with GUYFROG members and RPCVs at He’s currently head of international accounts at a small e-commerce company and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s the new treasurer of GUYFROG and feels fortunate to be given the opportunity to help.

Emily Johnson – Board Member

Travis Weber – Board Member

Louise Stenberg –  Past-President

Louise served in the Peace Corps as a Community Health Education Volunteer in Guyana from 2004 to 2006. During her service, she worked with Hope For All, a local NGO that focuses on HIV/AIDS education and services along the Essequibo Coast. This work lead her to a passion for public health and she went back to school and earned her Master of Public Health degree focused on health behavior and health education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Soon after graduation, she returned to Guyana and worked with the USAID/Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction and Prevention Project. After a brief stop in Washington, DC, Louise returned to her home state of Minnesota where she now works for the Centers for Public Health Education and Outreach at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, where she manages a grant that works on building the capacity of the public health workforce in Minnesota and North Dakota.


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