YEGG Through the Arts

by In On

Location: Linden, Region 10

Dates: March 2013

Contributed by: Lynn Medford – Guyanese

Linden Care Foundation (LCF) is an NGO that works with those who have been infected or impacted by HIV/AIDS.


Youthful Memories

by In On

Location: Linden, Region 10

Dates: January 2013

Contributed by: Wendy Kogel – GUY 24

Linden Care Foundation (LCF) is an NGO that works with those who have been infected or impacted by HIV/AIDS. T

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Art Camp

by In On

Location: Charity, Region 1

Dates: 7/15/2013 – 7/19/2013

Contributed by: Marissa Garcia – GUY 24

The main goals of the camp were to allow the children the opportunity to flourish with art and give them a creative outlet.


Sewing in White Creek Women’s Group

by In On

Location: White Creek, Region 1

Dates: 6/1/2010 – 12/31/2010

Contributed by: Rachelle Hall – GUY 21

Sewing machines were missing parts and the group lacked materials and resources to start their projects, FROG grant funds were used to purchase needed materials.


Path and Land Bridge Improvement

by In On

Location: Kwatamang, Region 9

Dates: 3/10/2010 – 4/10/2010

Contributed by: Nick Smith – GUY 20

A section of ground linking the east and west sides of the village were raised making the low transit areas passable during rainy season.


The Seawall

by In On

Location: Georgetown, Region 4

Dates: 2008 – 2009

Contributed by: Mason Richards

FROG acted as fiscal sponsor for the thesis project of Cal Arts graduate student Mason Richards, allowing him to raise funding to cover costs of filming the short film The Seawall on location in Georgetown, Guyana and allow for post film production.


Ituni Women in Action Group Tote Bags

by In On

Location: Linden, Region 10

Dates: 2013

Contributed by: Mark Silva GUY 23 & Matthew Johnson GUY 23

Counterparts: Ena Pigott and Shaundell Ducan Naipaul

Upon discovering the existence of IWAG, FROG presented the idea of the tote bag project to Peace Corps Volunteer Mark Silva, a volunteer located within the Ituni community, to seek a partnership with the group in the construction of the bags.


ISTC Woodshop Refurbishment

by In On

Location: Ituni, Region 10

Dates: 3/28/2012 – 6/1/2012

Contributed by: Mark Silva – GUY 23

Counterpart: Linden Duncan

The ISTC is an organization founded in October of 2011 upon the donation of various woodworking, tailoring, cooking, and welding equipment by Ministry of Transport and Hydraulics.


Promoting and Complimenting Local Pepper Sauce and Food Spices Production

by In On

Location: Region 2

Dates: 3/1/2010 – 5/31/2011

Contributed by:Juan Rodriguez – GUY 20

Counterpart: Dharamdai Ramjit

This project will cater for the supply of seasoned pepper sauce and ground food spices and provide facilities to compliment the project, made available through the Vilvoorden Women’s Group (through an addition grant funded by CIDA and GMPP.)


Women on the Move for Health

by In On

Location: Mahdia, Region 8 Dates: 9/23/2010 – 11/19/2010 Contributed by: Ryan Dunn Komeh – GUY 21 Counterpart: Carol Baptista A aerobics class was established to help a group of women to both socialize and lose weight while learning about nutrition and how food affects their health so that can live healthier, longer lives and be… Read more »