Support Community Service Activities

  • A young girl reading to a small group of students

    After School Homework Help at Two Brothers Primary Accelerated Learning Center

    Location: Canal #1, Region 3

    Dates: 9/9/2009 – 5/5/2010

    Edith Yoo – GUY 19

    Textbooks were purchased for the after school homework program with the secondary school students at the Two Brothers Primary Accelerated Learning Center in Canal #1, Region 3. A learning center was opened and made available to students Monday through Friday, for homework help from community volunteers and to have access to the textbooks which their families may not be able to afford.

    The program typically is seeing 10-12 children on a daily basis to access different texts. Secondary school students have come from all along the West Bank to be able to have access to free textbooks. Also a small portion of the FROG grant was used to purchase storybooks for the library and chapter books for the secondary school students to read. The books are being used to encourage reading, and to have students practice reading. Learn more

  • Colorful artwork created by a child of the program

    Guyana A.R.T.S

    Location: Black Bush, Corentyne, Region 6

    Dates: 6/1/2010 – 8/30/2010

    Mica Gaard – GUY 21

    Counterpart: Kawlie Khemraj, Headmistress

    Guyana A.R.T.S. is a youth development program that encourages teens (ages 13 to 16) to Act, Reach, Think, and Shine through the arts.

    Children in Black Bush, Yakusari especially, have very limited self-improvement opportunities. Since it is removed from the main road, many teenagers are unable to attend secondary school, primarily due to lack of financial resources. Since it is a farming community, most teens are expected to help on the family farms upon completing grade six. Due to these factors, Yakusari Primary school with tops currently have only 28 grade seven, eight, and nine students enrolled, and approximately only 15 attend on a regular basis.


    Guyana A.R.T.S. is a youth development program that encourages teens (ages 13 to 16) to Act, Reach, Think, and Shine through the arts and to give the teens in Black Bush the opportunity to grow in a fun and nurturing environment during the summer holiday. Through visual arts, drama, music, and storytelling, students will learn about the arts, but also learn critical skills for later in life, such as teamwork, creativity, life skills, and leadership.

    Guyana A.R.T.S. of Yakusari is the first of two pilot programs for Guyana A.R.T.S. The Yakusari program will consist of daily classes for four weeks, will lead into the second part of the pilot program, a week-long camp held in Bartica (Region 7). The ideas and lesson plans from Guyana A.R.T.S. Yakusari will help create the schedule for the Bartica Camp, which will strive to have nearly 50 students from the surrounding areas in attendance.

  • Talent Workshop for Youths

    Talent Workshop for Youths

    Location: Linden, Region 10

    Dates: 7/17/2012 – 8/21/2013

    Latoya Drakes – Guyanese

    Being one of the recently formed community-based youth groups our aim is to enhance the lives of the young people living in Linden. The project started with a focus on providing an extracurricular activity for children who would be out of school for approximately two months, on holiday. We are making our skills available to accommodate over 300 children, to have them become involved in positive sharing of talent and experiences.

  • Two nursing students sitting at a laptop

    Laptop for Student Nurses

    Location: Georgetown, Region 4

    Dates: 1/29/2011 – 6/8/2014

    John O’Connor – RPCV Project

    Counterpart: Helen Browman CEO

    One laptop was purchased to supplement a problem based learning course at the School of Nursing at St. Joseph’s, which integrated previous neurology, ethics, psychology and sociology courses. The aim of the purchase is to reinforce further knowledge retention, critical thinking and praxis. The terminal can be access by all students in the hospital’s computer cafe.

  • Suddie Primary Lending Library

    Suddie Primary Lending Library

    Location: Villages of Adventure, Odnerdeeming, Suddie, Maria’s Lodge on the Essequibo Coast, Region 2

    Dates: 3/21/2011 – 4/3/2012

    Linda Erskian – GUY 22

    Counterpart: Pam Persaud

    A student-run lending library was established for 4th-6th grade students and to create a collection of story books for 1st–4th graders whose parents are trained by PCV in reading to their children.

    A group of students was taught to run a small lending library by developing a book catalog system, to organize the library, to loan books, to repair books, and to ensure that loan books were returned. Existing bookshelves were fixed to hold the student collection, which is separate from the Suddie Primary School Library (which does not loan out books).

    Books were both purchased and donated from Guyana, the United States and Canada.

  • A group of young women from Camp GLOW posing for the photograph

    Camp GLOW

    Location: Regions 1, 6 & 10

    Dates: 12/6/2011 – 12/17/2011

    Mary Ann Mills – GUY 22

    Counterpart: Warren Douglas

    Every Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) around the world aspires to educate and empower young females to lead initiatives to create productive and healthy communities. Leadership skills are critical for people to initiate positive change, but these skills sometimes need to be supported and developed. Camp GLOW empowers girls to recognize their potential to create change and be in command of their contributions to society.

  • Iwokrama International Centre's Library Project

    Iwokrama International Centre’s Library Project

    Location: Georgetown and Iwokrama Rainforest, Region 4 and 8

    Dates: 2/27/2012 – 7/15/2012

    Laura London – Peace Corps Response

    Counterpart: Samantha Joseph

    FROG funds went toward cataloging and organizing the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development reference library for use by local researchers.

  • St. Monica-Karawab Clean Water Project

    St. Monica-Karawab Clean Water Project

    Location: Pomeroon, Region 2

    Dates: 3/1/2009 – 4/30/2009

    Phillip Chan – GUY 15

    Counterpart: Eve Samuels

    A group from Rotary International and the Centers for Disease Control conducted tests on four representative water sources in the region: well, rainwater, river, and stream. Of the four, rainwater tested with the best turbidity and conductivity results, and was recommended as a source of household water use in combination with chlorination treatment. This project serves to expand the community’s access to rainwater with the installation of four additional tanks on the central village compound.

  • Photo of a man reading a booklet

    In School Youth (ISY) Program

    Location: Georgetown, Region 4

    Dates: 1/4/2010 – 1/6/2010

    Adia Mcpherson – Peace Corp Response

    Counterpart: Merica George

    The In-School Youth (ISY) Program aims to educate students at the Third Form level about the benefits of abstinence. The ISY Program was designed by GHARP and approved in 2008 by Guyana’s Ministry of Education for use in schools. At the beginning of each school year, A.I.D.S. works with school administrators and head teachers to incorporate ISY into each school’s timetable.

    The aim of the ISY Program is achieved using a fourteen-module curriculum which deals not only with abstinence messages but with messages that enable abstinence such as self-esteem, values, good decision making, HIV/AIDS education and refusal skills. The ISY Program has an accompanying manual that specifically written with 14 to 19-year-old youths as the audience, which comprehensively outlines the modules. The Program uses interactive discussions, and role plays, to help reinforce the messages and encourage the young people to come up with possible solutions to these real-life problems.

  • St. Monica-Karawab Clean Water Project 2

    Location: Pomeroon, Region 2

    Dates: 2/9/2010 – 4/9/2010

    Phillip Chan – GUY 15

    Counterparts: Nicholas Courtman and Eve Samuels

    Following up on the previous successful Clean Water Project by expanding to St. Monica’s sister village, Karawab. An 1800 gallon rainwater collection system was constructed to benefit the 137 students at St. Monica Primary School. Unfortunately, due to time constraints the second half of our project to construct a similar system to benefit the 150 students of Karawab Primary School was not completed.

  • A group of children playing soccer in a field

    Let’s Play Sports!

    Location: White Creek, Region 1

    Dates: 6/1/2010 – 12/31/2010

    Rachelle Hall – GUY 21

    The FROG grant assisted the Sports Club to repair and purchase various sports equipment and would help the teams purchase material to create team jerseys to wear during their competitions with neighboring villages.

    Additional goals include incorporating health talks involving topics that the youth will be able to personally pick out and to create an environment they can discuss these subjects freely. These efforts will help to strengthen the club’s members through boosting self-esteem and engage them in positive after-school activities.

  • A man leads women in yoga exercises

    Women on the Move for Health

    Location: Mahdia, Region 8

    Dates: 9/23/2010 – 11/19/2010

    Ryan Dunn Komeh – GUY 21

    Counterpart: Carol Baptista

    A aerobics class was established to help a group of women to both socialize and lose weight while learning about nutrition and how food affects their health so that can live healthier, longer lives and be examples to their children. An aerobics instructor will be hired to teach the class for a two month period, after which the women will take over the teaching of the class.

  • A photo of peppers being prepared for pepper sauce

    Promoting and Complimenting Local Pepper Sauce and Food Spices Production

    Location: Region 2

    Dates: 3/1/2010 – 5/31/2011

    Contributed by:Juan Rodriguez – GUY 20

    Counterpart: Dharamdai Ramjit

    This project will cater for the supply of seasoned pepper sauce and ground food spices and provide facilities to compliment the project, made available through the Vilvoorden Women’s Group (through an addition grant funded by CIDA and GMPP.)

    Also fresh pepper and ground food spices will be purchased on a wholesale basis from local farmers after which the product will be by the voluntary labor force available within the organization. Packaging and labeling will complete the product for marketing with sales conducted on a weekly basis by orders of supply.

  • Benches stacked on top of each other

    ISTC Woodshop Refurbishment

    Location: Ituni, Region 10

    Dates: 3/28/2012 – 6/1/2012

    Mark Silva – GUY 23

    Counterpart: Linden Duncan

    The ISTC is an organization founded in October of 2011 upon the donation of many woodworking, tailoring, cooking, and welding equipment by Ministry of Transport and Hydraulics. The ISTC works alongside with Ituni’s Small Loggers Association (ISLA) and Chainsaw Milling Project with a joint mission of providing education, training, and practical experience to increase employment opportunities to community members while alleviating Ituni’s dependency on chainsaw milling. Since its creation, the ISTC has concluded courses in furniture making, tailoring, and cooking with exceptional success.

    Some of the equipment is either missing or in need of repair, many consumables such as wood glue, sandpaper, or nails are in short supply, and there is almost no personal safety equipment. The funds received from this grant will bring the ISTC’s wood shop up to an acceptable standard by providing it with the support and equipment required to conduct proper courses.

    In addition to the funds received through FROG, the Chainsaw Milling Project has committed to provide financial support in order to provide our students with professional trainers to facilitate proper training exercises.

  • Ituni Women in Action Group Tote Bags

    Ituni Women in Action Group Tote Bags

    Location: Linden, Region 10

    Dates: 2013

    Mark Silva GUY 23 & Matthew Johnson GUY 23

    Counterparts: Ena Pigott and Shaundell Ducan Naipaul

    Upon discovering the existence of IWAG, FROG presented the idea of the tote bag project to Peace Corps Volunteer Mark Silva, a volunteer located within the Ituni community, to seek a partnership with the group in the construction of the bags. The project was to provide employment to the women of IWAG while allowing FROG to raise funds for future projects in Guyana with the sales from these bags. The group agreed to work with FROG, so Mark partnered with fellow PCV Matthew Johnson to handle matters on the Georgetown end.

  • The Seawall, a fiml ny Mason Richards

    The Seawall

    Location: Georgetown, Region 4

    Dates: 2008 – 2009

    Mason Richards

    FROG acted as fiscal sponsor for the thesis project of Cal Arts graduate student Mason Richards, allowing him to raise funding to cover costs of filming the short film The Seawall on location in Georgetown, Guyana and allow for post film production. Also, FROG provided technical assistance in the creation of the related website, provided for consultation of the project and help the initial screening of the film in Washington, DC at the Goethe Institut.

  • Path and Land Bridge Improvement in Kwatamang, Region 9, Guyana

    Path and Land Bridge Improvement

    Location: Kwatamang, Region 9

    Dates: 3/10/2010 – 4/10/2010

    Nick Smith – GUY 20

    A section of ground linking the east and west sides of the village were raised making the low transit areas passable during the rainy season. FROG funding was used to supplement efforts on this project. Local mini-buses, bull-ox carts can cross, foot traffic and other forms of transportation can now pass through the area during this season. The project was designed, budgeted and completed by local villagers.

  • A group of women holding up material for sewing

    Sewing in White Creek Women’s Group

    Location: White Creek, Region 1

    Dates: 6/1/2010 – 12/31/2010

    Rachelle Hall – GUY 21

    Sewing machines were missing parts and the group lacked materials and resources to start their projects, FROG grant funds were used to purchase needed materials. The women plan to use the purchased materials to sew products such as accessories and clothing that they can sell at community functions and use the money to further their group’s finances.

  • Art Camp in Charity Guyana

    Art Camp

    Location: Charity, Region 1

    Dates: 7/15/2013 – 7/19/2013

    Marissa Garcia – GUY 24

    The main goals of the camp were to allow the children the opportunity to flourish with art and give them a creative outlet. Some of them didn’t get a chance to learn much about art (the 6th graders had their time cut short during school time because of testing) so they got the chance to observe different techniques and mediums that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Also, the kids were able to be in a safe environment during their summer break, and not get in trouble or be bored at home. Also, the teachers got to see different types of art projects that they will be able to implement within their classrooms throughout the school year. And as for the few community members that assisted, they got to observe a successful camp in action and hopefully they will fight to keep camps sustainable in the future.

  • Youthful Memories Linden, Region 10, Guyana

    Youthful Memories

    Location: Linden, Region 10

    Dates: January 2013

    Wendy Kogel – GUY 24

    Linden Care Foundation (LCF) is an NGO that works with those who have been infected or impacted by HIV/AIDS. The Memory Project was a collaborative effort with LCF and supporting community members and organizations. As a ten week course with one session per week, life skills sessions were taught to the OVCs. Immediate family members of the OVCs were invited in for specific family sessions.

  • YEGG Through the Arts - Linden, Region 10, Guyana

    YEGG Through the Arts

    Location: Linden, Region 10

    Dates: March 2013

    Lynn Medford – Guyanese

    Linden Care Foundation (LCF) is an NGO that works with those who have been infected or impacted by HIV/AIDS. The Memory Project was a collaborative effort with LCF and supporting community members and organizations. As a ten week course with one session per week, life skills sessions were taught to the OVCs. Immediate family members of the OVCs were invited in for specific family sessions.