FROG Totes

FROG Totes

 “When you want fuh swim river yuh gat fuh plunge inside fuss.” 
Translation: “You have to take risks when you attempt new ventures.”

Become involved in FROG’s work in Guyana by purchasing a tote. These totes were made in Guyana by Guyanese women earning a living wage. Buy one for yourself, for a family member, and for a friend! Proceeds go directly to supporting FROG’s projects in Guyana.

Ituni Womens Group

The Ituni Women in Action Group (IWAG) is a community group formed under the guidance of the Community Forestry Worker Linden Duncan in June 2009. Since its formation, the group has grown from five founder members to a present membership of 25 and has been very enthusiastic and interested in exploring ways of reducing the dependence of chainsaw lumbering in their community. The group has since been involved with multiple training exercises and has been developing skills  in production of craft from non-timber forest resources, which enabled them to participate in a national exhibition where they showcased and sold their crafts production.
Ituni Womens Group

Upon discovering the existence of IWAG, FROG presented the idea of the tote bag project to Peace Corps Volunteer Mark Silva, a volunteer located within the Ituni community, to seek a partnership with the group in the construction of the bags. The project was to provide employment to the women of IWAG while allowing FROG to raise funds for future projects in Guyana with the sales from these bags. The group agreed to work with FROG so Mark partnered with fellow PCV Matthew Johnson to handle matters on the Georgetown end. We cannot thank the women of IWAG enough for their help in the expert construction of these bags. We would especially like to thank Ena Pigott and Shaundell Ducan Naipaul for their leadership and professionalism.

The bags were constructed entirely in Guyana; however, printing was done in the United States.


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