Empowering Philanthropy in Guyana, South America

FROG provides assistance in the form of small grants and resources to support community driven projects that volunteers are involved in. In addition to this, we coordinate Guyanese cultural events and awareness activities in the U.S., both as a part of the Third Goal of Peace Corps and as a means to strengthen support for the people of Guyana.

Learn more, get involved and help give back to Guyana – the country that gave us so much!

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Report from the FROG Funded Art Camp in Charity, GY

Education, FROG Projects, PCVs

Congratulations to Marissa Garcia, a Peace Corps Volunteer from GUY24, on the successful completion of Art Camp in Charity. Here is the summary of her work, along with some great pictures! Summary Art Camp started July 15th and ended July 19th from 12:30pm to 3-4pm depending on the activity that day. Altogether there were seven… Read more »

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The Border Controversy: An On-Going Conflict

The Guyana-Venezuela Border Controversy Venezuela’s claim to its shared border with Guyana has been causing tension between the two countries for over a century. An effort has been made in the past to settle the dispute, but none were successful, including an 1899 arbitration and the Treaty of Geneva of 1966, signed by Great Britain… Read more »

Guyana Snapshot: A Quick Look

Guyana Snapshot We’re taking a quick look at the country of Guyana, a Guyana Snapshot if you will, for those of you that aren’t familiar or would like to learn more. Guyana Guyana is a small English-speaking country on the northern mainland of South America. Georgetown, its capital, is well known for its culture, heritage,… Read more »

You Should Go to Guyana!

Go to Guyana We’re not exaggerating when we say go to Guyana, it’s a beautiful country to visit. Suitable climate, beautiful views of nature and warm hospitality, what more can you ask for? Guyana is a country well endowed with a lot of natural beauty, making it one of the most interesting places to vacation…. Read more »

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