New $2B Linden Hospital to Open


Infrastructural works on the more than $2B, spanking new and state-of-the-art Linden Hospital complex have already been completed, and with some 80% of the hi-tech equipment and facilities already installed, the Government is likely to commission the hospital very soon.

When contacted yesterday, Executive Director of the Health Sector Development Unit (HSDU) Mr. Keith Burrowes, under whose Unit the responsibility lies in ensuring that the infrastructural works at the Hospital are completed, said the hospital will be commissioned ‘very soon’.

‘Infrastructural works on the modern Linden Hospital are completed. We’re now in the process of installing the equipment and about 80% of this phase has already been completed,’ Mr. Burrowes told the Chronicle.

He is very optimistic the new Linden Hospital might be commissioned before September, bringing with it a tremendous improvement in health and medical services to Region Ten and nearby villages.

Burrowes disclosed that the hospital (infrastructural works) has been completed at a cost of some $1.8B, and after the installation of the state-of-the-art equipment, the cost will certainly be more than $2B.

The construction of the new facility is part of a wider national health sector reform programme being aggressively pursued by the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration.

The multi-billion-dollar project is intended to replace the Mackenzie Hospital structure which has been in existence for several decades. The growing population and the complex health requirements of the Region have outgrown the capacity of the facility, hence the new structure.

The Linden Hospital will feature an operating theatre, intensive care unit, pediatric services, laboratory, blood bank, gynecology ward and obstetrics department, among others.

Burrowes is confident the new Linden Hospital will deliver a vastly improved and much more efficient service to the people and residents in that community.

He said one of the notable features at the new hospital will be the advanced (modern) routine maintenance system which will be of significant help to the management of the hospital in ensuring that the expensive equipment are properly maintained to reduce the ‘down-time’.

The Health Ministry will also be working with the hospital to ensure adequate training for the staff in the use of the equipment. Chronicle’s photographer Mr. Adrian Narine took these photos (as shown on the page) of the new Linden Hospital during a visit to the complex earlier this week.


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  1. August 29, 2015

    Wow! I just left Guyana two days ago to return to Canada. I had heard that Linden had been thguorh some tough times lately. I was very moved to read in the blog that the community is picking up and re-building without rancor and bitterness. It seems that they care for each other and most importantly they care for their children. These are the stories we should be hearing about Guyana!!

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