RPCV Highlight – Jason Rosen, GUY 3


RPCV Highlight - Jason Rosen, GUY 3Name: Jason Rosen
GUY Group: GUY 3
Guyana Site: Bartica, Georgetown
Type of Volunteer: Urban Youth Development, Prison Reform and supporting the Guyana Olympic Association

What have you been up to since you finished Peace Corps? Well, its been almost 11 years since my COS, and in that time I basically have been working in the area of physical security. About 6 ½ years ago my son Joshua was born so fatherhood is something that I love. I also learned to play and appreciate rugby and have become a Washington Capitals fan. I am also the Alumni Coordinator for Boise State University here in DC.

What do you miss most about Guyana and your Peace Corps experience? I miss the people that I became close with particularly my host mom, Joyce. I also miss my comrades at the Guyana Prison Service, particularly Dale, the Director of Prisons. I miss some of the PC Guyana staff, Kitty, Claudius, Angie, Valerie, Nurse Jean.

How did your experience in Guyana affect your post-Peace Corps experience? It gave me a great appreciation and affection for the Guyanese and Caribbean culture. So when I have come back to the states, I seek out Guyanese organizations, people, and events. It also gives me some bragging rights that I lived in Bartica to the Guyanese

Describe a challenge you worked to overcome while in PC Guyana. My original assignment in Bartica kind of busted, so I got a new one training prison officers for the Guyana Prison Service at Mazzaruni Prison, and then later in G/T at the Headquarters.

In 5 words, describe your Peace Corps experience. Very High and Very Low

What is your favorite Peace Corps Guyana memory? Being able to judge boxing matches at Thirst Park. Taking a SIMAP trip into the interior. Meeting Desmond Hoyte. Anytime I got to Lethem.

What was the hardest part of readjusting to post-Peace Corps life? Not turning the channel on the TV every time a commercial comes on. Remembering how to go grocery shopping at Safeway. Discovering new technological advancements.

Which lessons from Peace Corps have you applied in your post-Peace Corps jobs/life? Understanding (REALLY) what are needs and what are wants.

What advice would you give a future or current Peace Corps Volunteer (Guyana or otherwise)? The same advice that Kitty told us, if it is good enough for the Guyanese, than its good enough for you. Don’t become a Rumski! Don’t think you have to have some American network support group. When hell breaks loose, it’s the Guyanese that are going to have to take care of you. Make sure you go to Lethem and Bartica.

Would you do Peace Corps again? Where, when and why? If the circumstances every allowed me to, I definitely would. If I couldn’t go back to Guyana, I would want to go to another Caribbean country or maybe Samoa or Namibia.

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Scott was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgetown, Guyana from '03-'05 with the World Wildlife Fund. He helped to co-found FROG in 2007.

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