The LGGCC Library Project


The La Grange Group of Concerned Citizens

The La Grange Group of Concerned Citizens (LGGCC) is a non-governmental organization that was established in 2002 by a group of civic-minded individuals who reside in the villages of La Grange, Bagotville, and Nismes, Guyana.  The mission of the organization is to improve the standard of living for individuals living within these three communities. To this end, the group identifies specific problems and then formulates action-based solutions, such as running educational programs for local youths. In addition, the LGGCC has successfully implemented several community enhancement construction projects, such establishing the first National Library Branch in the village as well as a community playground.

A woman works with a young boy trying to read

The Project

As previously stated, the LGGCC was instrumental in establishing the first National Library Branch in the region. Although, the library was able to accommodate a significant amount of space for additional books and computers, the LGGCC has identified the need for an activity room within the library facility. The activity room would allow the LGGCC to run its educational projects and programs during library hours without disrupting students using the library. The LGGCC needs to raise  $3,024 USD ($604,800 GYD) and thus far, the group has raised $1,500 ($300,000 GYD) from the assistance of American donors and the Guyanese Rotary Club. The LGGCC only needs $1,524 USD in order to accomplish its goal. Donate today, and help a Guyanese community help themselves.

A village home off in the distance

The local library at La Grange

A woman paints the interior of a library

A man works with kids trying to read

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