Georgetown-Lethem Road discussed in NYT article


The Georgetown-Lethem Road deemed “one of South America’s most remarkable roads” was featured in Sunday’s New York Times. The article and audio slideshow discusses the impact of improving the road and how the country is torn between economic development and preserving the pristine environment. From the article:

“The road is a physical manifestation of these two poles. At one end are echoes of the nation’s colonial past, like cricket pitches and hackney carriages (taxis). Hindu temples, for the many Guyanese, descended from laborers from the Indian subcontinent, dot Georgetown’s canaled streets.

At the other end of the road, on the border with Brazil, every other conversation seems to be in Portuguese. Chinese merchants sell goods to traders, and businessmen broker deals to lure Brazilian rice farmers, and signs welcome Brazilians and their robust currency, the real, to this outback.”

Scott was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgetown, Guyana from '03-'05 with the World Wildlife Fund. He helped to co-found FROG in 2007.

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