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Mike Geurink, President & Chief Fundraiser, (GUY 12): I am still with JSI but with the DELIVER Project as Finance and Admin Manager for our Ethiopia field office. I get to travel a bit for work and I get out of DC often for personal travel. Otherwise I am in DC most of the time enjoying the city, especially Eastern Market, playing golf and soccer, hanging out with my amazing friends, and trying to enjoy life.

Kati Ringer, Vice President & Membership Coordinator, (GUY 14): I work at an international development consulting in Burlington, Vermont. When I’m not working or helping with FROG, I like make art and spend time outside. Currently, I have a show of photographs at the Daily Planet in Burlington and will be showing paintings and photographs at the South End Art Hop during the month of September.

Louise Stenberg, Secretary & Projects Manager, (GUY 12): Life has been full of changes during the past couple years! After living in Washington DC for a year, I decided to return home to the great state of Minnesota and currently live in St. Paul. I now work for the Minnesota Department of Health in the Office of Public Health Practice, focusing on quality improvement and performance management within the state and local public health system in Minnesota. It is great to be closer to family and friends and I am enjoying becoming a fanatical Twins follower once again.

Eric Terpstra, Treasurer & Membership Coordinator, (GUY 14): This summer, I’ve been cranking out software, taming backyard flora, and wiping sweat from my brow in Memphis, Tn. My time as FROG treasurer has given me much respect for the accountants and bookkeepers of the world. I look forward to welcoming new FROG board members this fall and watching FROG blossom into a mature organization.

Scott Stadum, Technology Chair & Program Manager, (GUY 12): I moved back to Washington, DC after spending two years working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I recently joined the Sunlight Foundation as a new media specialist for the nonprofit.

Jody Knueppel, Assistant Treasurer & Accounting, (GUY 16): I put over 1000 km on my snowboard this season and just moved to Mozambique.

Aimie Langenfeld-Mims, Community Outreach Coordinator, (GUY 14): Greetings! It’s been a great year! My work as a Siting and Land Rights Specialist with an Energy Development Company in my home state of Minnesota has kept me busy traveling around the Midwest, learning new things, and meeting new people. I got married this past July to a great guy, Ryan Mims, and we had an amazing day with our family and friends. I’m now Aimie Mims! It’s been awesome to be a part of the FROG Board; supporting the creativity and passion that PCVs have for their work and their communities is so rewarding. We all thank you for your continued support of FROG; we couldn’t do it without you!

The FROG Board sends a heartfelt shout-out to our Intern, Alan Ince. Alan was instrumental in the planning and promotion of our film screening and fundraiser on Friday, September 17th. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts, Alan- thanks for a job well done!

Scott was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgetown, Guyana from '03-'05 with the World Wildlife Fund. He helped to co-found FROG in 2007.

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