Camp GLOW 2018 - participants

Camp GLOW 2018

Camp GLOW 2018 - activities

This year’s Camp GLOW was a great success, we were able to provide the students with a lot of materials and activities that would have been a lot more difficult without FROG’s help.

We had 28 students come every day along with four Guyanese counterparts to help run daily activities. The Peace Corps volunteers split up the six days and planned different learning sessions and activities.
The schedule was:

Monday- Self Esteem
Tuesday- Healthy Relationships
Wednesday- Puberty/Sex Ed
Thursday- Healthy Body Image
Friday- Stress Management and Self Care
Saturday-Anger Management and Triggers

Sessions were done on all of these topics, usually, discussion-based and then ended with an activity, such as making stress balls for Stress Management or doing Q/A box for Sex Ed.

For the second half of the day, we incorporated fun games and activities to get the students moving, talking and more comfortable. This included a human knot, egg race, water balloon toss, and obstacle courses.

It was a great way to get to know the students outside the classroom and have them working together in different teams. On the last day, we had a ceremony thanking the Guyanese assistants and handed out certificates to all the kids who came. We also included a water bottle with pen, pencil, eraser and stickers as a little gift for coming and participating all week.

Camp GLOW 2018 - participants

Camp GLOW 2018 - exercises

Camp GLOW 2018 - a session

Camp GLOW 2018 - participants

Scott was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgetown, Guyana from '03-'05 with the World Wildlife Fund. He helped to co-found FROG in 2007.

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