SAGE 2019 Graduates

SAGE’s 2019 Graduates


SAGE is proud to announce their 2019 graduates:
  • Gina Chin, Medicine
  • Kerrie Hooper, Computer Science
  • Tatyana Moore, Agriculture
  • Ariel Robertson, Agriculture
  • Andy Sattan, Engineering 

Below, some of them share their thoughts on their university experiences and future plans.

What has been the best part of your university experience?

“Meeting new people, making new friends and developing a discipline for Computer Science…When I became an upper-class student, I was able to help and encourage younger students when needed. I am grateful for those opportunities.”  -Kerrie

“Meeting new people.” -Tatyana

“The feeling of accomplishment and pride when seeing days and nights of effort come to life is quite remarkable. Meeting new friends and making new connections within my field was also important for my future.” -Andy

What goals do you have for your future? 

“To become the best person I can be.” -Gina

“In short, I am aiming to become the best version of myself. I would like to pursue a career in which I get to help people through the use of technology and artificial intelligence…I want to give back as much as possible to my community and especially to all those persons who helped me along my journeys.” -Kerrie

“The overall aim is to go through life doing something I love and leave a positive impact along the way.” -Andy

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