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The La Grange Group of Concerned Citizens
The La Grange Group of Concerned Citizens (LGGCC) is a non-governmental organization that was established in 2002 by a group of civic-minded individuals who reside in the villages of La Grange, Bagotville, and Nismes, Guyana.  The mission of the organization is to improve

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Education Pioneers Analyst Position Open

Position: Analyst
Location: Bay Area
Education Pioneers Analyst Position Open: The Analyst will gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data that will be used by Education Pioneers staff and leadership to inform strategy, assess progress against business goals, make business decisions, and improve day-to-day performance.  Major areas of responsibility include:

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Have you heard of…the Rupununi Learners?

I came across a great website one day for the Rupununi Learners. The organization is made up of two non-profit organizations – the Rupununi Learners Incorporated (RLI) and Rupununi Learners Foundation (RLF). RLI is a registered non-profit in Guyana, founded in 2007 and RLF is a registered non-profit in the

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5,000 Guyanese receiving free treatment for HIV and AIDS

I first met Otisha, a tall Afro-Guyanese transvestite prostitute in 2003 when I reported on HIV and Aids in Guyana and Barbados.
Back then, the Caribbean had the second highest rate of infection in the world.
The prevalence among female sex workers in Guyana was 27% and 21% for men

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December 1st is World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day (December 1st) is marked as a day in which people and organizations from around the world share information about and bring attention to HIV and AIDS. 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day.
World AIDS Day observance
December 1, 2008 | By knews | Filed

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Not just International – Child Soldiers, a Guyanese Issue

Evidence has emerged that the gang controlled by Guyana’s most wanted man, Rondell ‘Fine Man’ Rawlins, consists mainly of teenage boys who fled from their homes in the village of Buxton.

Recent evidence has brought out that many of the members of the gang are no more than 17 years old. Dwayne Sancho, who was captured by the security forces on Monday in a trail near Ituni, is only 14 years old, while Otis Fiffee, called ‘Mud Up,’ who was killed during the initial raid two Fridays ago, and Robin Chung, called ‘Chung Boy’ were mere 17 and 16 years old respectively.

Initially, Fiffee’s age was stated as 21 years old; however, when this newspaper visited Buxton yesterday during his funeral, the age on his coffin was stated as 17. His parents had given the earlier age.
There is evidence that Rawlins and other senior members of his gang had initially recruited the teenagers as look-outs while the gang was hiding out in the village of Buxton.

After they were flushed out by the security forces, some of the young men, who were already a part of the gang, went with them.

The parents of these young men, during recent interviews, indicated that their children left their homes despite several pleas for them to refrain from the criminal activities.

Eyewitnesses to the Bartica massacre had indicated that most of the gunmen were ‘young boys’.
But what could have led to these young men throwing their lives away to join a gang, knowing that the consequences invariably lead to certain death?

Many villagers are of the opinion that this is a result of constant Police harassment and profiling of the youths of Buxton. The young men became sympathizers with the gunmen…

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National Children’s Conference

There is so much I learned from my years in Guyana, but the lesson which had it’s biggest impact on me – my life, my career – was that youth are absolutely vital to creating and sustaining positive change. Today I read an article from Starbroek News that reminded me

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Wikipedia on BitTorrent

Wikipedia content is now available through BitTorrent –
Wikipedia school edition is an offline DVD version of Wikipedia by SOS Children’s Villages (a charity for orphans) filled with “checked content” from the user-edited online encyclopedia. The 2.9GB download is available only via BitTorrent, and to top it off, here’s a

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