Friends & RPCVs of Guyana

Peace Corps Guyana Blogs

If you’re curious about the lives of current Peace Corps Guyana volunteers, here’s a list of blogs you can follow,
Samantha Daisy:
Brittany Kernagis:
Cristina Miller:
Carly Ratekin:
Chelsea Roderick:
Cara Rohdenburg:
Kelsi Seid:
Rebecca Tatarsky:

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SAGE Turns 10!

This year marks 10 years since the founding of SAGE! SAGE was started in 2008 by seven returned volunteers of WorldTeach Guyana. These volunteers served as teachers in secondary schools throughout the country and returned to the United States with a unique awareness of the many obstacles facing Guyanese students

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Timehri Film Festival Schedule

Timehri Film Festival Schedule

The Timehri Film Festival starts on May 31, 2017 and ends on June 4, 2017. Below is the Timehri Film Festival schedule of public events, take a look at what’s showing and at what times. There are plenty of great projects and new talent to experience.
May 31, 2017

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The Top 9 Guyana Gifs

The Top 9 Guyana Gifs

I put together a collection of the top 9 Guyana gifs from around the country of Guyana. This collection of gifs are places, animals, and people from around the country. My goal here was to highlight the diversity of Guyana through snippets of video.
If you want to help improve

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10 Fantastic Vacations in Guyana

Guyana is well known for its many exotic tourist destinations and is visited every year by travelers from around the world. Everywhere you visit within Guyana, you will encounter scenic views and breathtaking vistas. While there are many amazing destinations to see, we’ve highlighted ten amazing vacations in Guyana.

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Meet 2016 SAGE Scholar Reuel Sookdeo

What are you studying at UG and why?
I am pursuing Electrical Engineering at the University of Guyana. Electrical Engineering fascinates me mostly because of the aspects of developing technology; improving and implementing safer and more efficient livelihood for society and the future to come.
What is your favorite

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The Border Controversy: An On-Going Conflict

The Guyana-Venezuela Border Controversy
Venezuela’s claim to its shared border with Guyana has been causing tension between the two countries for over a century. An effort has been made in the past to settle the dispute, but none were successful, including an 1899 arbitration and the Treaty of Geneva of

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Guyana Snapshot: A Quick Look

Guyana Snapshot
We’re taking a quick look at the country of Guyana, a Guyana Snapshot if you will, for those of you that aren’t familiar or would like to learn more.

Guyana is a small English-speaking country on the northern mainland of South America. Georgetown, its capital, is

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