Friends & RPCVs of Guyana

COS Resources for Guyana Peace Corps Volunteers

RPCV Support Services

Access the documentation and information you need to manage your health care, career, student loans, and taxes after service.

USA Jobs – Job Hunting

Post-COS, RPCVs are rewarded with the opportunity to jump to the head of the line when applying for federal positions (learn more about Non Competitive Eligibility). USA Jobs is a great resource for finding open positions in your field.

Indeed – Job Hunting is a website for job hunters. It offers a range of filters to help you look for jobs in your expertise.

LinkedIn – Job Hunting and Networking

Linkedin is a social network for professionals looking for work, networking opportunities, leads and other business related functions. Friends & RPCVs of Guyana have a group on here where Guyana RPCVs can network.

Lynda – Online Classes, Training, and Tutorials

Learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals. Join today to get access to thousands of courses.

Peace Corps Guyana Facebook Group for Trainees, PCVs, and RPCVs

This group is for new and upcoming trainees, PCVs, and RPCVs of Guyana. Stay up to date on the latest in and around Guyana.

FROG on Facebook

The official fan page of Friends & RPCVs of Guyana. This page is another great conduit for keeping up to date on Guyana, the Peace Corps, and networking with returned PCVs. – Peer to Peer Lending

Prosper is an online, peer to peer lending service. The way it works is that you set the amount you’re looking for, the service sets the rate on your loan and individual members of Prosper contribute to your loan.

Airbnb – A Place to Stay

Looking for temporary housing or a place to stay while interviewing for your next job, Airbnb and the NPCA have teamed up to find you housing.

Peace Corps Connect

The National Peace Corps Association is a network of serving Peace Corps Volunteers, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, current Peace Corps staff, former Peace Corps staff, host country nationals, and anyone who shares Peace Corps ideals. Membership is free. The NPCA organizes a yearly conference called Peace Corps Connect and works with RPCV affiliate groups. RPCV groups come in all shapes and sizes: by location, such as Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Colorado, groups by country of service, such as Friends of Thailand, groups by special interest, such as LGBT RPCVs, and groups by employer, such as RPCVs[email protected] Department.

Coverdell Fellowship Partners

These graduate school programs are seeking returned Peace Corps Volunteers!

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