Supporting Peace Corps Requirements & Other NGOs


The FROG Grant Program funds community development projects that support education, the arts, health, the environment, and the social and economic development of the citizens of Guyana. We accomplish this by providing small grants that support greater community efforts to improve the quality of life of people in Guyana.


FROG provides financial assistance to grassroots projects in Guyana in the form of small grants of up to $500. The Board of Directors reserves the right to fund projects for the full amount requested or partially, based on their assessment of the proposed project.

The FROG Board of Directors requires at least a 10% financial or material contribution from the community being served by the grant project. This in kind contribution should be indicated in the budget submitted with the grant application.

Funding Timeline

FROG will accept grant applications four times a year according to the schedule below. On the application deadline date, the FROG board will review all grant applications received by that date. Award decisions will be made on the date listed below. Please note: FROG has a yearly grant budget of $4000. Each quarter, we will award $1000 worth of grants.

Quarter 1 Application Deadline October 1st, Award Decision November 1st
Quarter 2 Application Deadline January 1st, Award Decision February 1st
Quarter 3 Application Deadline of April 1st, Award Decision Deadline May 1st
Quarter 4 Application Deadline July 1st, Award Decision August 1st

Grant Recipient Criteria

The following recipients are eligible to apply for FROG grants.

  1. The Guyanese Counterpart of a currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer who applies at least 6 months prior to their COS date (PC Volunteers are no longer allowed to apply for FROG Grants);
  2. A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who is returning to Guyana to implement a community project; or
  3. An individual, community group, or organization whose work and proposed project falls within the work outlined in the mission statement and funding guidelines.

For a PCV or RPCV to receive a grant from FROG, they must be able to show a community or organizational partnership that will ensure that the project will be sustained after the volunteer’s service has ended. Organizations partnering with a PCV or RPCV must also meet the criteria listed below.

For an organization or group to receive a grant from FROG, it must:

1. Be an apolitical organization and have no history of political affiliation;
2. Be either a non-governmental organization recognized under Guyana’s Friendly Societies Act (1 Cap 36:04) or a community group, formal or informal;
3. Exist as an organization or group in Guyana, or able to prove strong ties to Guyana;
4. Not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability for both its members and the recipients of the organization’s/group’s works;
5. Have a positive record of financial accountability; and
6. Not be involved in any activities deemed illegal by the United States or Guyanese governments.
Grants will be offered to individuals or organizations/groups that meet the above criteria, submit a comprehensive proposal in the format specified by FROG, and are selected by the FROG board of directors or by a committee appointed by the board.

Activities Allowed

Grants will be offered for the following activities in the areas of health, education, the arts, the environment, and social and economic development:

1.  Organizational/group capacity building

2.  Community development projects

The activities must not be of a political nature and must work for the benefit of the whole community or the entire organization/group.

We do not expect the projects funded to be sustainable on their own, but they should be part of a larger, more sustainable plan for the community group/organization. This should be clearly explained in the project proposal.

Financial Accountability

Grants may not exceed USD $500.00 and will be sent in the form of check, money order, or wire transfer. The recipient organization will provide to FROG a detailed, itemized list of all expenditures for the activity, accounting for all funds spent. Whenever possible, receipts will be obtained. Whenever receipts were not obtained, a record of the expenditure should be documented and justification provided.

Monitoring and Communication

Once a project is funded, the FROG Board of Directors requires regular communication between the project leader and the FROG Projects Manager. As communication capabilities vary in the different regions of Guyana, what is considered “regular”? will be determined based upon what is feasible for the project leader in Guyana on a case by case basis.

Also, all project leaders are encouraged to submit blog posts, stories, updates, photos, videos, and other communications that can be used on FROG’s website and Facebook page, in our newsletter, and in other communication media.

Evaluation Component

All activities funded by FROG must contain at least one measurable objective and a procedure to evaluate whether or not that objective has been achieved. If the objective is not achieved, the receiving organization/group must offer a valid explanation as to why. This explanation must be based on evidence gathered through the monitoring and evaluation component(s) of the project. All project leaders must complete and submit a final report on their project. This must be submitted within 60 days of the completion of their project, based on the timeline they provide FROG.


All activities funded by FROG must include a realistic time schedule. If an activity’s progress is substantially delayed, a valid explanation must be provided as to the delay.


The Board of Directors of FROG will oversee all grant recipients and activities. Should transgressions in organization/group criteria, allowed activities, objective achievement, financial accountability, or timeliness occur, FROG reserves the right to refuse grant monies to an organization/group, or demand the return of part or all of the grant monies.

After a grant has been awarded to a currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer, FROG will notify Peace Corps Guyana of this grant and will send a copy of the final report once that has been submitted.

FROG reserves the right to immediately terminate this Agreement upon the happening of one or more of the following events:

1. Grantee’s violation of any international, federal, state or local law or regulation.
2. Grantee’s breach of any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement or any unapproved deviation from the Grant Application which has not been cured within 30 days of written notice of such breach.
3. In the event the Agreement is terminated, FROG reserves the right to require Grantee to refund any or all grant funds awarded to Grantee under this Agreement, and Grantee agrees to refund to FROG any or all grant funds awarded under this Agreement.