Mason Richards
Mason Richards, President + Chairman of the Board

Hello All,

It is with tremendous pleasure that I write this introductory note to you all as the new, incoming President & Chairman of the Board for FROG.

As an artist, filmmaker, educator and facilitator of social justice, and most importantly, a proud Guyanese-born human being, I feel confident in the future of the FROG organization, and I’m super excited to collaborate with the wonderful folks at the Peace Corps and with the people of beautiful Guyana.

Before I briefly share some thoughts on the direction of FROG for the upcoming year, it’s most important first that I graciously acknowledge FROG’s founder and former President Scott Stadum, who has been vigilantly instrumental as a mentor and friend as I make this transition into my new role as President of the organization. Scott’s passion and love for Guyana and its people are evident in his work with FROG for over a decade as he, along with the other committed members of the organization and volunteers, has curated many unique and thoughtful opportunities to support and uplift the people of Guyana.

Now, as FROG enters its 11th year as an organization dedicated to supporting education, health, social, economic, cultural and environmental programs in Guyana, I intend to continue in the same spirit and dedication as those before me. I’m wholly committed to this role of service.

Scott Stadum will officially take on the role of The Founder & President Emeritus of FROG. With this new title as The Founder & President Emeritus, Scott will serve in an advisory capacity to the president, and the organization as a whole, and will provide guidance and expertise as a knowledgeable member to the Board of Directors (BOD). He will advise on past practices and operations in accordance with the chapter bylaws. I’m happy to have Scott’s support as we continue to promote and provide for Guyana.

Moving forward, my goals for this upcoming year include reviving our board and forming creative and strategic partnerships with organizations and Guyanese nationals to increase our support and ally base. I will also focus on increasing our presence on social media, in the arts and media, and in Guyanese communities throughout London, Toronto, New York City, DC, Maryland, and anywhere where large populations of Guyanese nationals populate. This increased presence will help our fundraising efforts to support more local Guyanese FROG special projects and organizations like Camp GLOW which has been instrumental in the empowering of young women and like the Timehri Film Festival which has done incredible work showcasing visual projects in and about Guyana and the Caribbean.

I’m especially inspired to visit with and connect with current Peace Corps volunteers on the ground in Guyana to highlight your experiences, and also to connect with former Peace Corps volunteers around the globe. Please stay tuned for some exciting things ahead.

I was born in Georgetown, and when I emigrated from Guyana to the U.S. at age 7 with my family, I always felt like I left something behind. There was always a feeling of something missing – something missing in my story of Guyana. When I went back to Guyana for the first time in 2009 to make my award-winning short film “The Seawall” I knew that there was more that I had to do to show love and appreciation for the people of Guyana. I believe that this new role with FROG is that opportunity to serve and give back.

FROG has been a big supporter of “The Seawall” film and my journey to give back to the people of Guyana for over ten years, and now were are full circle. As the new President of FROG, I see this as an honor to serve and give back as we promote health, education, and healing in the country I love so much.

Mason Richards
President + Chairman of the Board, FROG