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Art Camp

Art Camp in Charity, Guyana

Location: Charity, Region 1

Dates: 7/15/2013 – 7/19/2013

Contributed by: Marissa Garcia – GUY 24

The main goals of the camp were to allow the children the opportunity to flourish with art and give them a creative outlet. Some of them didn’t get a chance to learn much about art (the 6th graders had their time cut short during school time because of testing), so they got the chance to observe different techniques and mediums that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Also, the kids were able to be in a safe environment during their summer break, and not get in trouble or be bored at home. Also, the teachers got to see different types of art projects that they will be able to implement within their classrooms throughout the school year. The community members who assisted were able to observe, they got to observe a successful camp in action, and hopefully, they will fight to keep camps sustainable in the future.