Friends & RPCVs of Guyana

ISTC Woodshop Refurbishment

Location: Ituni, Region 10

Dates: 3/28/2012 – 6/1/2012

Contributed by: Mark Silva – GUY 23

Counterpart: Linden Duncan

The ISTC is an organization founded in October of 2011 upon the donation of many woodworking, tailoring, cooking, and welding equipment by Ministry of Transport and Hydraulics. The ISTC works alongside with Ituni’s Small Loggers Association (ISLA) and Chainsaw Milling Project with a joint mission of providing education, training, and practical experience to increase employment opportunities to community members while alleviating Ituni’s dependency on chainsaw milling. Since its creation, the ISTC has concluded courses in furniture making, tailoring, and cooking with exceptional success.

Some of the equipment is either missing or in need of repair, many consumables such as wood glue, sandpaper, or nails are in short supply, and there is almost no personal safety equipment. The funds received from this grant will bring the ISTC’s wood shop up to an acceptable standard by providing it with the support and equipment required to conduct proper courses.

In addition to the funds received through FROG, the Chainsaw Milling Project has committed to provide financial support in order to provide our students with professional trainers to facilitate proper training exercises.