Friends & RPCVs of Guyana

There are numerous Guyana news outlets; from newspapers to magazines to TV and online news available for consumption. Whether it’s breaking news you crave or culture and entertainment, these Guyanese outlets will have you covered.


For the best aggregation of all published Guyanese news available online, Guy FROG is your one-stop shop. The site offers everything from trending to controversial to top news of the day. Readers can also register to vote and comment on the individual news items. This site is one of the most interactive Guyanese news sites found online today and an increasingly popular source for all things Guyana. User-friendly and commercial-free.

Headline you might find: “Guyana prepared to counter US nixing of HIV funding”

Kaieteur News

Eye-catching and informative, Kaieteur News is one of the largest Guyanese newspapers published today. It’s plagued with lots of advertising but is informative with scrolling news updates, editorials, letters, and plenty of sports coverage front and center. Solid news source but covered in ads.

Headline you might find: “21 rescued from sinking Essequibo River speedboat”

Stabroek News

This daily newspaper features Guyanese local news as well as a wealth of business, entertainment, politics, and sports updates. The Stabroek News also includes an impressive classified section that covers real estate, cars, jobs, and much more. Print and internet news that’s local and worldwide but flanked by distracting ads.

Headline you might find: “Detectives question Deeds Registrar as probe into alleged fraud begins”

Guyana Chronicle

This longstanding and extremely popular Guyanese daily newspaper covers all that is newsworthy, including updates on the latest entertainment, politics, sports, tourism, and more. It also offers public service features, like a suicide hotline, as well as some fun offerings in “Photo of the Day.” Very informative but saturated in advertising.

Headline you might find: “British Minister of State to visit Guyana — on heels of President’s trip to UK”

Demerara Waves

This site includes plenty of links to news and radio websites, as well as hosts excellent podcasts and videos. Its well-organized articles are broken down by categories: Agriculture, Business, Culture, Education, Health, News, Crime, Politics, and Sports. The only obvious drawback is the wall-to-wall advertising. Many news categories and interesting features but also lots of commercials.

Headline you might find: “Nandlall charged with stealing law books; remains in custody”

Government Information Agency (GINA)

At GINA, you can find out all about the government, the latest news (via streaming ticker-tape style news updates), and current weather forecast from Weather Underground. It’s excellent for staying up-to-the-minute on everything in Guyana and around the world. You can subscribe to receive email updates straight to your inbox. Government-oriented.

Headline you might find: “Inspire change for your community, country’s development”

Explore Guyana Magazine

Presented by the Guyana Tourism Authority, Explore Guyana Magazine is specifically designed for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and eco-tourists. This magazine has it all covered, with both photography and features on breathtaking waterfalls, rainforests, and wildlife to create a fascinating picture of Guyana. For avid travelers or everyday folks who dream about traveling, this is your go-to the Guyanese travel magazine. Breathtaking photos and stories plus online bookings.

Headline you might find: “Guyana will embrace the sustainable tourism model”

Guyana Graphic

Although a concise news site, the interface is busy and confusing rather than being straightforward and user-friendly. It does, however, offer useful government links, breaking news stories, obituaries, letters to the editor, and videos. Direct but crowded.

Headline you might find: “The Future of Guyana’s Sugar Industry”

Guyana Entertainment Magazine

GEM is an e-magazine that’s published by Corbin Media Group, Inc. in Guyana. This site does a thorough job covering Guyanese culture and includes plenty of information about travel, fashion, culture, lifestyles, sports, entertainment, beauty, dining, recipes, and much more. It’s a fun read because of its print magazine style. Entertaining and informative.

Headline you might find: “Pageant Queens 2016”